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Mua Rocket 1h tại website chính thức Mua


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Mua Rocket 1h tại website chính thức Mua


marvincz: As a newbie I encountered one small issue with an easy fix, perhaps it will help some other new player. I was having the co-pilot fire the miniguns when his sight got damaged and the guns were stuck in the stowed position. I wanted to to take over and fire them myself using my sight but I could not get the guns to fire. The problem: The co-pilot's AI was still set to fire so he was controlling the guns. Setting his AI mode to HOLD allowed me to fire.

eugene donaghey: hi there ! im having lots of trouble with the door gunners sights. when im in a mission my line of sight is nowhere near the gun sights , but when im in training mode it seems to be fine .... any ideas on how to fix this ?

Daredevilreaper Reaper: Hi Cap. I'm having problems arming the UH-1. I'm told that they can't arm in these conditions.

Bob Howell: reset master caution

Chad Becker: Really wish you would lower the volume of the aircraft in your videos if they are overpowering you and your friends voices. Its really annoying to listen to heli blades blaring while trying to listen to instructions when learning to fly a DCS module. Besides that I appreciate the content you put out. It has helped me greatly with getting started in DCS!

HEATER41 _00: These are great! Thanks guys! GET SOME, PEW PEW!!!

Fernando Gonzalez Chavez: Do you have a trick for correctly adjusting the mils in the gunsight?

Alex BittoNagy: Oh, I forgot..........Joker: "How can you shoot women & children?" Mad Gunner: "Easy.....you just don't lead 'em so much!!!!"

Alex BittoNagy: F.M.J Mad Gunner: "Get some.....get some, get some.....I got you mother!!! Anyone who runs is a VC.....anyone who stands still is a WELL DISCIPLINED VC!!!"

Olivia Lambert: The Huey is a lesson in trimming. When I fly it I'm constantly hitting that trim button to get it as close to neutral as I can, and because the Huey is ancient and with no computer aid that means every second regardless of if something has changed or hasn't the Huey feels the need to change its trim to keep me on my toes. With proper trim the Huey goes from tricky and frustrating to incredibly easy and freeing. Take off trim is very important, particularly in this training mission. I tend to trim for takeoff, a decent amount of left rudder along with a little of left rear stick. And then very slowly lift the collective and the moment the Huey leaves the ground you want to sit there for a second or two, trim that out and then go from there. Once you've got the aircraft properly trimmed like that its such an incredibly different beast. It goes from uncoordinated and gangly to almost graceful and delicate. I genuinely believe that the sole difference between CAP's attempt at aiming and an easy, precise extended hold on target is the trim, and with a few mere minutes of practising takeoff trim then landing and resetting CAP would be able to get just as good accuracy with the Huey as with any other vehicle in DCS.

Bibes: watching you fly just now made me anxious XD

Stahlwollvieh: So, when are we getting "Cap learns to Hog" videos? :)

Josiah Gray: Theres something about Cap screaming 'GET SUM!!!'

FuriouslyFurious: Cap, please remove mouse aiming so the gun stops twitching. Its fighting your trackir. Great vidoes. Keep them coming!

Perfection Man: I learn so much through your videos! What ever happened to the very young pilot who flew with you guys? His boyish voice seemed so out of place with his good piloting skills. BTW, so surprised that Cap is so unfamiliar with all the aircraft and their systems but seems so proficient in the actual missions, ha-ha Cap :) Keep up the good work gents.

CornBread: *** I think we've all named our Door Gunners too. Me: R-Door = " Leroy " , L-Door = " Johnson " :)

Aardvark892: Thank you for such an excellent series of videos. Can I ask: Are the Grim Reapers a mercenary, non-national group that flies military missions for the highest bidder? I'm asking because that's what it seems like, but I don't want to assume. Thanks!

T. Jay hummel: Professor cap and Professor Sherman👍

hartzaden: you know i wonder what cap would do if we gave him 7.62 minigun pods for the F5

hartzaden: Cap FINALY learned to used the gimbled miniguns, aka what makes the UH-1D a terror in close combat, that heli DM would have gone so differantly for the KA-50s of you used AI gunners

Dr4gonch4ser: If ya have VR, really give the co-pilot's gun sight a try. It's a blast, even better than with track-ir.

[GR]DoveEnigma13: Sherman was wrong! You don’t need to open the rear doors yourself. Just setting the door gunners roe to return fire or free fire they will open the doors themselves and close them when you switch them to hold fire.

[GR]DoveEnigma13: Holy crap. I don’t think you’ve ever been so excited as you were with the flex gun sight.

Dan: Why does the gunner's sight keep twitching?

Mua Rocket 1h tại website chính thức Mua

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