The Moment You've all Been Waiting for... Portal 2 in Rocket League!


Mua Rocket 1h tại website chính thức Mua


MAP IS LIVE: Check out the boys: SunlessKhan: Musty: Sea-Bass: Rapid: Johnnyboi: I created a discord for you guys to talk with me! Twitter: Twitch: Camera Settings: FOV: 110 Distance: 270 Height: 110 Angle: -4 Stiffness: 0.55 Music from EpidemicSound.

Mua Rocket 1h tại website chính thức Mua


Lethamyr: Hey guys! I just recently set up a Patreon account! If anyone was looking to support me on making bigger and better maps, I'm looking for ways to give back to you guys in return! I'm also going LIVE on twitch very soon! New viewers come say hi <3 ://

bacon: is there a bakkesmod plugin for this map?

Cody Conn: 6:43 is it just me that thinks he is saying one eyed one horned flying purple people eater

Harro Dorst: leth i love this map so much and can't even imagine what people can come up with. i would love to see ganer do his thing in this piece of art.

Bud Leiser: Attention: Chariots chariots. There are at least six extra-dimensional testers here now, and to be honest, they're not even really testing anymore. They just all portaled in, made a human pyramid, ate my lunch and portaled out. Watching you guys made me want to listen to CJ again!

Highly Klinikle: sub to highly klinikle

David MacKay: 16:29 "best goal of my life" SunlessKhan - 2019


Flaming M: do one between Eeksoo and oKhaliD

Kyle Reeping: Looks super fun. Although I think the map would be super frustrating for beginners. You should think about making a "clear" version of the map so that you can easily see all of the portal exits so the ball never really gets "lost."

klooger28: watching portal gameplay without bhopping makes me sick, 4k hours speedrunning it was a bad decision.

Lorenzo Rodriguez: Now you should make a team fortress 2 map

ZG Yzkn: How can you play this workshop maps online? Any help please?

Treyzk: You guys work great together 👍 You should do a challenge where you kinda hel jump but instead just do a wheelie and ramp off of another car into a air dribble.

The Guy: Can you texture the ball to look like the one from portal?


LLM Kursk: For less confusion about which side someone is on, theming would really help. Maybe the orange side could be based on 70s Aperature? Also, considering the actual size of the cars, it’d be really fun to have the map be a sort of “Aperture Testing Field”, where the map is intentionally designed for the cars. This would help excuse curved corners so the cars can go up walls and such— It’s an Aperture-built arena after all!

Tree: I seriously don’t think we appreciate enough how talented and intelligent lethamyr is

WhiteChicken: This is awesome. Don’t know if it’s possible to retexture the ball but it would be cool if it looked like the companion cube

Tree: How on earth did you make this in one day

Nide: This should be put in as an official map or at least for an event!

fausto123: The cake is a lie! The cake is a lie! The cake is a lie! The cake is a lie! Chat disabled for 4 seconds.

Ghostly: Leth>Psy/epic devs big facts.

nameHere_: I'm not sure if this was intentional or not, but it looks like you mostly used Portal 2's editor textures (the ones used to preview levels in the in-game editor). It looks awesome anyways, but I thought you might want to know.

Spencer Stream: The fact no one is using Portal gel boost...

Eddy / Rocket League: Invite Jzr, Mk, Fusure, etc to play with you on that map :D

Christian Morris: you should add some ramp / diagonal portals

Shalashaska315: The little stick figure people behind the frosted glass should be egg people from the other arenas lmao

UltimateHakai: how do you use the mods ive downloaded rocket launcher but the game crashes when i start it up any idea why?

TheDilegaf: for some reason 17:51 cracked me up when you hear in the background ''He blocked the pink!''

Dr DanDy: Imagine the call outs in this game mode Going into green! Going into green! Passing Red!

Devon Azar: Let me help, I want to make the portal warp frame loss disappear and make it a smooth Transition and to see trough the portal trough the portal it connects to in real time, what engine/ higher lever computer languages are you using?

Bradwill Leeuw: You should design your own game one day 😉😉😂😊😊😊😊

Rylan: I subbed and turned on the bell your welcome🙃

Stijn Debyser: This is looking insane

Furia 601: Portal 2 on Unreal Engine confirmed

Eric Belanger: *Sigh* stating the obvious: Now you're playing with portals!

TuxDigital: this is great and I would LOVE it if the lasers at the top actually demo'd players so they would have to fly around them. It wouldnt do anything to the ball just demo players. I realize thats not really an strat related but it would be awesome :D

6,969 subs challenge? xXjAcKpLaYzzXx: I hope epic games allows fan-made limited time modes, something good that psyonix never does

crazychallengers125 squad: You should play hide and seek and if you get caught the seeker has to demo you and you can use the portals to get away demo should be on contact

bingle: calm down dude

João Pedro Carvalho: This Sonic sound in 12:14 lmao

Mark Reddington: the red button should re-spawn the ball in the middle

Puma4454: Wasnt paying attention to who was all in the lobby. Thought that was Johnnyboi's annoying fucking voice. EU Trash n00b.

freakymundo: Not enough cake ;·)

Supersonic: i think that was the freshest opening i have ever seen on a youtube video!

SyN_Shadow: you should make the space where the wall meets the floor curve up so its easier to drive up the wall like a normal map has

LOnelyNex: Yoooo

The Amazing Gaming Godzilla: So cool

-SLAP- Lexing: You realize you can sleep right Leth?

Mua Rocket 1h tại website chính thức Mua

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