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A mindful yoga flow that targets core conditioning and love of self. Move from a place of connect and tone & build muscle with mindfulness. This one is sure to welcome results in both mind and body. Balance is your natural state. Explore your body, your breath and be present for yourself. This practice is a homage to our recent Find What Feels Good Tour. I shared, "I am a good yogi because I am fully me." You are perfect already - so find the joy in your workout and your practice. Life is too short. Hop on the mat and get to it. Recognize your self with compassion, the supreme love! Let me know how it goes down below. Namaste. Join the community: Instagram: @adrienelouise Facebook: Twitter: Snapchat: yogawithadriene Pinterest: For more Yoga With Adriene visit For programs and merch visit Try out the Find What Feels Good membership site at: Intro music by Shakey Graves, House Of Winston:

Mua Rocket 1h tại website chính thức Mua


Erin H: I’ll echo other comments on here. More 45-60 min practices!! 🙏🏻 Really love them 💕

Alyssa: More hour long vinyassa classes please!! They’re the best!

kanika jain: I want to thank u from core of my heart to bring back my body in shape....ur style of doing yoga is great...this lockdown is very entertaining with u💐💐😊

Jay Sinnott: Beautiful fun practice. She starts very gently and gently keeps building to a real challenge. She also shows a lot of personality.

Mia Cosco: I love this Adriene! Your personality is magnetic and your doggo is the goodest.

Claire Aartsen: 🌸 That was lovely, Adriene, thank you 🙏 I love the compassion that can be awakened when we feel that connection to our pets 💕 It is wonderful to extend that compassion to all animals and choose a vegan life 🌱 and feel that peace within ourselves knowing that we are not intentionally harming any creatures 🥰

Cleo: What a profoundly beautiful, and beautifully profound, practice. Thank you for helping me open up my heart today, Adriene! I needed help with that today.

Meg S: One legged tadasana in my head is always "TA-DAAA!"...sana

Gabriela Faith: I wish for more full yoga practices! 😞✨

Sofia Welch: killer workout, you feel so peaceful once you come to lay flat on your back in the end. Feels so good, love it. Thank you Adriene and thank you Benji

praveen agarwal: Namaste.. I am from india.. it's awesome. The movements the timing. The secronizing of the breadth and the body is too good. With love from india. Praveen namaste..

Facepaint Central: Fab practice again thank you 🙏

No ThisIsPatrick: I recently lost a bit of weight and I tried yoga pose first time in a while and it was so easy??? AHAHAHA hell yeahhhhh

Jana Irgendwas: There is no cheating in Yoga - aaah you're just the best Adrienne 😂 Totally caught me cheating there. Made me laugh so hard ❤

Amanda Sena: Came back to this video again on a bad day in quarantine and this brought me back up; thank you Adriene! Also Benji joining at the end was such a sweet surprise :)

Nidhi Srivastava: thank you for this amazing practice😊

dean crease: My favourite routine so far 👌🏻🙏🏻🤗

Nour Chama: I just started yoga two weeks ago and these videos are the best - honestly. Adrienne’s voice is also very calming. Thank you so much.

Lucy Williams: thanks for an awesome workout. I have been doing Yoga with Adriene videos since 2013 or something!

kenchikuklo: Lol Benji being so cute at the end, like " wait, already over?!"

Imogen Lloyd: I just have to take time after this practice to just say how beautiful this experience was! I have been using your videos every day for the past 3 months and I can't even begin to tell you how much they have benefitted both my physical and mental but also my spirit soul. I have been practicing Bhakti Yoga/Krishna Consciousness for a while now and the part of the video where you were talking about the supreme love really resonated with me. You have such a spiritual outlook on yoga that has really aided me in my journey with myself and Krishna. Thank you so much! Haribol x

Marjory Leposky: Thank you! :)

Valfish01: Thank you so much for this! Favourite video so far after a month an half of daily practice.

PeggyTeachesChinese: Great experience! Thank you so much!

Nancy Young: Benji in shavasana...true love & compassion. Leave with a smile :)

Priya B: I amazed at how you have a picture of an Indian god beside you, talk about a "mantra" workshop you attended, derive your entire income by leeching off an ancient practice from India and yet have the audacity to call yoga boring.

Mika: Came for the practice, stayed for Benji. I love it when he makes an appearance.

athira krishnan: Thank you a lot... Words can't express how I feel after doing this practice.

Courtney Binns: I just did this for my 100th day of yoga. I am really enjoying doing a different video of yours everyday. I do love how Benji came in at the end because my cat happened to come in and sit like Benji! Was quite a cool coincidence! Thank you so much for all your videos!

Leah Whitty: A perfect practise :) Benji is such a great ending to this one too, really made me giggle.

Jo Bee: I really like this one. I felt strong and with time and space to really focus within. Namaste 🙏

Ruby Red: I know this video is years old but I just want to say thank you for this. I really need to exercise more frequently and now I finally found an exercise I don't hate, even when it's really hard and I'm exhausted a part of me is still enjoying the stretch and the poses. And I'm recovering from an eating disorder so it feels great to connect with my body in a positive way, something that can be really hard for me, but this actually helped me do that.

Wonjin Jeong: Love Yoga with Adriene! It's a great way to practice yoga in this time of crisis. :) Thank you so much Adriene!

Talea Danbrook: Loved this practice. Thanks for sharing it, and words of compassion. In these sequestered days of Covid19 having compassion for myself and practicing helps me have compassion for three little ones at home with me. Much needed at these stressful times. Thank you, ❤️

Eunice Justine Nacis: Thank you for this video! It is really helpful to practice yoga especially in these times that we are all stuck at home because of quarantine.

Jamia Williams: I so enjoyed this! You are awesome!

Braddah Li: I love that Benji at the end of the video joins the practice! 😁 Thanks Adriene! 🙏

Didi Koller: I loved this practice! ❤ I couldn't go to my usual sunday morning class because of Corona, so I played some easy going EDM in the background like my teacher always does. Just perfect! Full Namasté from Amsterdam 🙏

Meaghan Doyle: absolutely love ed this flow! thank you!

David Seidell: Hi Adriene. I'm autistic, and I love your channel. Putting my thoughts in words takes a lot of time and effort.  I appreciate your huge selection of videos, your consistently accurate subtitles, your attitude, your love, and the ease and accessibility of your teaching. I watch your videos all the time. Yoga has helped me to become more in tune with my body, more aware of my breath, and more loving in my daily life. Thank you for doing what you do. I recommend your channel, and yoga, to everybody I know. PS as a white person, I feel responsible to say I am uncomfortable with the level of cultural appropriation in your videos (i.e. Using Black slang and saying Namaste.) (being ignorant of race and privilege and intersectionality is a privileged position, and for anybody (white) reading this who gets uncomfortable or feels like I'm bringing race somewhere it doesn't belong, that's also privilege) "For those who have privileges based on race or gender or class or physical [or cognitive] ability or sexual orientation, or age, it just is- it’s normal." - :// further reading for those interested

Julia Avila: that was worth every minute!! felt so good!!!!! woah.

Steph L: I grinned my way through that, it was exactly what I needed. Thanks! <3

Martin Berneman: Thank you for your practice. It has been an amazing journey of your videos during this quarantine times. I appreciate your intention and soothing voice.

Mary Adkins: How do you manage pain in the feet during one legged poses such as warrior 3? Or is it pretty normal and just growing pains?

HappySundae: At some point I started to feel very emotional when you were talking about allows ourselves to love in compassion. I felt so vulnerable and felt how I was holding back on love in order to be "untouchable". Thanks for this beautiful practice

Kate Lightstone / Indigo Instinct: would love more full-length practices please !!!

Jacqueline Tortorello: This was a beautiful practice! Thank you! :)

Michaela Horne: Thanks for the awesome video! Love the doggie at the end <3 🥰

Megha bisht: So I did this beautiful practice today and I am so blessed to practice it during this resting phase of humanity! Love you Adriene sweetheart!

Ada Wielogórska: Me in the beginning of this practice & me in the end of this practice are like two different people. Taking some of this fantastic vibe from 2016 into 2020... much needed and appreciated!

Mua Rocket 1h tại website chính thức Mua

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