DCS UH-1H Huey Ground Attack


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A look at the 'easy' instant-action ground attack mission in DCS: UH-1H Huey by Belsimtek. If you like this stuff, as always, show the love through comments, likes, favorites, subscriptions, etc. Feed the machine. Use AdBlock? Take a look at this: http://blog.chkilroy.com/post/36918679935 DCS Huey: http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/products/huey/ My site: http://www.dslyecxi.com My Youtube FAQ: http://dslyecxi.com/about-me/youtube-and-contact-faq/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/dslyecxi/ Tumblr: http://blog.dslyecxi.com

Mua Rocket 1h tại website chính thức Mua


Jari Sipilainen: 0.00 where is music? Creedence Clearwater Revival - Fortunate Son

charles wipman: I've seen the DCS A10 and it's really good, but... as the game doesn't come with a manual on paper... it doesn't convince me; the AV8B+ addon/module looks really insteresting; rightnow the DCS seem to be the best military flight sim out there.

MrVueBear: I thought you said sexy, but you said Lexi

vracan: I just bought the huey module for dcs 2.2 but it seems unarmed. Where do I get to select armed huey variant?

Console & PC Gaming: Do you like Flight Simulators and Helicopter simulation then join our Facebook group. We have members from major developers like Eagle Dynamics, Polychop, Dreamfoil, Flightgear, FSX/P3D and X-plane. Join us now by clicking the link below: ://www.facebook.com/groups/pchelicopters

GeorgiaFamily SouthernStyle: Brother you are flying that thing like a CHAMP... man I got a question for ya ... I am currently playing x-planes 10 now, but am looking for a combat style game like this.. Would this still be a good game to purchase with it having alittle age on it...Let me know bro, thanks man ..PEACE

DangerNoodle: I'm surprised you didb't slip right into VRS when you made that J turn at 5:08

Harrison Stone: Did that co-pilot weapons mechanism actually exist in the Vietnam war? I didn't know the Huey gunships were that advanced

Ragemutt: Do you think it's worth the $50 to buy this module? It seems more nostalgic than anything else.

Unleashed Code: Nice vid of the Huey. I just got the Gazelle and I am loving it. Wish Arma would remodel their birds!

GrayFox2012w52: Do you know how to enable mouse mode? I have TrackIR configured with DCS but I find it hard to aim with my head movements. I tried LCTRL+C but it does not work. I tried to disable TrackIR in the Special Options menu for the UH-1H, but it does not enable mouse aiming.

BRIAN NACILLA: hi dslyecxi which game do you prefer flying in Arma III or DCS? love all your videos

Joel: What are your Track IR settings

jianxin Lei: nice skill

Jay Racer: Nice video. I'm not sure if you've tried the 1.5 Beta but the performance has nearly tripled for me and the ground level graphics have significantly improved as well. That chopper seems fun and more intuitive. The Black Shark module is awesome but it's very difficult remembering how to do everything since the avionics are in Russian. It would be really nice to get an AH-64 or a F-15 Strike Eagle.

Ryan Li: Have you tried "Take on Helicopters" by BI?

Cybermat47: Looks like a great module, but I'll hold off until we get a Vietnam map and units :)

robert sibal: do you play in sim mode or game mode? do you use a joystick?

deWaardt: This thing looks absolutely incredible, I find this to look more fun than the KA-50

wraith444: From the attack run at 4:50: "If it's just a short correction, keep shooting. Who knows what you'll hit in the mean time." I"m gonna go out on a limb and guess the answer to that would be "the houses behind the target."

zzodr: UH1 pilots in Vietnam in the right hand seat used to sometimes mark a crosshair on the inside of the canopy with a grease pencil when using rockets.

Dee1251: Hi can you tell me pls how to fire gun/cannon , which button do I press ??? or how do i set that to my joystick fire button  i cant figure it out , also on the side guns how do I control them?move them. Thanks

Obi Fi: Been playing this for a little while and I just can't get the landings. Love the sim but I can only slide it in, can't transition back to hover at all. Ah well practice will fix everything

maestro: Dslyecxi more DCS please!

MrCartel: Do you have to pay for this because when i clicked download on the site and went to install it,  it said that i needed to install the DCS World

nymerie: so you play the DCS game and can fly different types of helis/planes or do you download patches for that? Because I saw different DCS games.On the other hand you see players playing online using various helis/plane. I don't get it...

Pilot Animal: 2.30 u said wat

Mobius Eight-Six: Snax, it's actually ballistics modeled right.

Mobius Eight-Six: in DCS, wind, temperature, altitude, all have effects on flight dynamics... Plus all the cockpit switches are functional and clickable. It's definitely a major step up from ArmA.

Lyle Faraday: @iagher  Arma helicopters are not realistic at all. Get DCS or AT LEAST take on helicopters and you'll see what I mean. Night and Day.

Dave L: I'm pretty sure the trees have never been collidable.  It's one of the main issues with the engine since Black Shark in 2008.

ewokcell: @iagher Hey iagher, here's my experience with the flight physics in both ArmA and DCS. DCS Huey has some of the most realistic flight dynamics I've ever experienced in a game whereas ArmA helicopters are not at all realistic in my opinion. From what I've noticed, DCS Huey accurately captures ETL, retreating blade stall, settling with power, ground effect, and main rotor torque effects; the sounds of the blades are also pretty much spot on. DCS actually probably does helicopter physics simulation better than a lot of expensive consumer flight simulators. ArmA—to my knowledge—has none of this extensive flight modeling. Even "Take On Helicopters"—Bohemia Interactive's helicopter sim—got it wrong. ArmA is not intended to be a flight simulator though, so it is understandable that it would be lacking. I would compare the helicopter physics in ArmA to Microsoft's "Flight Simulator X"; they're pretty similar. In ArmA (even two and three), if I remember correctly, there are no main rotor torque effects, the anti-torque rotor inexplicably loses its yaw effectiveness after a certain speed—so side-slipping is impossible—there is no vortex ring simulation, so one can descend straight down in a hover at descent rates in excess of 700 fpm, pull full collective and be fine, and autorotation is a gamble because the rotors seem to have absolutely no weight/mass—and therefore no inertia when power is lost. If you have no plans to ever fly for real though, none of this will ever bother you, and it just depends on which game you think looks best.

iagher: Dslyecxi, in terms of simulation, focusing on how they fly, how realistic are ArmA helicopters compared to DCS? 

ItsDproductions: They should make a dcs f/a-18.

Herzi S.: me too

Rob Mantell: Yes, in real life the co-pilot ran the flex mount or rocket sight while the right seat guy flew the a/c. also, in the Navy and the Marines, and I believe some Army units, in slicks the pilot flew left seat because the panel didn't reach all the way outboard on the left side as it does on the right, providing better vis below the a/c.

Snowman374th: Nice I want this game. Choppers are easy to land. Remember to flare up/ cut the wind & use lift. If need to, turn the chopper in either direction, that helps to cut the forward motion & wind as well. I'll be there one day. haha.

Flappy Paddle: Loving the new Mi--8

ballsofsteel547: Or an Mi-28...

Superb Lobster: How did you enable the reticle for the rockets???

epicfacecanada: This shows a beta version of it

davidjjdj: Hey, Dslyecxi, on my current build the Rshift + M is modeled. But I'm not sure if it is fully modeled or if I can't find a setting. I can put the HUD in front of my face, but there is no reticle. If anybody has found the problem please tell me how to fix it. Thank you!

TexasRed: What?

Zak757: AH-1G shares A LOT of parts with the Huey, shouldn't take too long to make. Their Mi-8MTV2 module is almost done, hopefully it comes right after.

apoapsisperiapsis: Oh how I long for an AH-1 Cobra module....

becoolavp: grate video! huge fan of the Huey

PantsuMann: I wonder if its possible to add something like this in Arma 3....

Bill Kelsoe: hey lex, what did u use to record this? fraps?

Steve Zee: Well done, nice vid and pretty good flying for a day. I just got the sim today today on sale for $20 and it's pretty well modeled I have to say. I know this because I flew real H models. I don't have a proper collective (using a dial on a CH combat stick) but it's flyable. This one feels more realistic versus the Black Shark although I never flew one those like the Huey/

swish007: Very cool.. Dunno if the sound was just low or not but I would have liked some better sound effects on the guns and stuff. That's one great thing about arma.. When a missile hits near you or you hear mini guns from a distance it sounds pretty authentic

Mua Rocket 1h tại website chính thức Mua

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