PPD Reacts to Heen's thoughts on DPC Regional Leagues


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Broadcasted live on Twitch -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/peterpandam

Mua Rocket 1h tại website chính thức Mua


Rangga Gilang: If high skilled EU players or teams moving to SA or something to get better placing in leagues, then it will be better for the dota scene in that region because they will scrim and play in pubs, so player in their region will get better by playing with better/more experienced EU player. So its a win-win

Yudha Ramadanu: i dont get it.. i tho dota is about a community, why valve not asking for input from the people in the pro scene before implement it.. i am not just asking about player or coach or manager from tier 1 or 2 team,.. but also from the big tournament organizer too like dreamleague and other, plan it well then change the system..

Chungus: I mean Dota now has a league next thing you know its gonna be more prize money and its going to get bigger and better the reason the prize pool seems so small is because they dont wanna put too much into something that is gonna fail the first 3 cycles are all going to be test runs. This league is a good reason to keep playing dota is you are in the teir 3 and 2 teams and it also adds more involvment from players and there regions literally how LoL does it, it took them around 3 years worth to get it to where it is now so people just need to see the potential and not whats really flat out in front of them.

David Cristerna: Do you think substitute players will be a thing now? To avoid burnout of the players, having to play so much "competitively", instead of being just scrims, grinding and practices.

ManU4ever: I believe Heen is very short sighted after reading his opinion. This new system will create a better community and encourage 2nd tier players to evolve to be top tier, so there will be new faces every year going into TI. He only cares about his team earning because they are a strong team, but without the DotA community, the production behind it, U r nothing. Talking about the region difference, one counter example would be, why are there 4 teams from Asia in FIFA world cup, when Holland, Italy cannot even qualify? Because it is a world event, and you need players and fans from every region. I think ppd should stop playing and join valve to run and make plans for DotA from a business view. People like Heen wants nothing to change and they are killing this great game.

ZoiO: U r kinda hipocrit."make things bigger than my self" i remember a tournament that u actually made the staff change the rules to not play the 2nd match of a bo3 on SA server (by the rules). The admnis changed the rules in the middle of the tournament

Henry Kirby: 5:00 It doesn't just insure that their will be one south american team at TI, but essentially ensures that there will be 2. One will be boosted into the top 12 to get invited by being top of their regional league, and another will come from their last chance regional qualifier. This means that TI will probably have minimum 2 teams per region - whoever was the top 1 spot for at least 2/3 leagues and whoever wins the last chance regional qualifier - and only 6 teams that could potentially come from ANY region. Third best team in europe? probably going to TI. Fourth best? Maybe. Third best team in south america/CIS? basically no chance. It will be interesting to see how those 6 remaining slots will end up divided, my guess is at least 5/6 will go to europe or china with only 1 from any other region.

Jing Heng Lee: "I tried to create something bigger and people look at me like a con artist" got me laughing, but I respect ppd for doing something to try and make DotA sustainable.

MultiJellybones: insane

tnightwolf: Production value is actually one of the most important things, in any tournament, when it comes to grab people's attention.

d0nutwaffle: Dissapointed by this response by Peter. First of all, it doesn't come off as well though at all, just a hapzard thing to put out and stir the waters. Paragraph od Heens thoughs is brushed aside by a "edgy" or by trying to reduce it to "memes", with no actual retort or elaboration to alot of it. 2:45 "Who the fuck gives a fuck about production" Well, for one I do. Having watched what feels like 50 tournaments over the past 5+ years there is a big difference between a tourney where the crew legitimately gives a shit to make it great and some throwaway thing hosted in grandma's basement, sponsored by constantly shilled betting site with a drunk russian observer. The big point of teams being awarded the same DPC depending on league rank but regardless of region cabality seems to have gone unadressed. As for 11:50 Heen is under no obligation to come up with a better solution to hold an opinion in the first place. The "Then do better" logical fallacy is so mind-boggingly stupid im surprised it exists in the portfolio of someone who tries to call someone else. "Its easy to hate", yeah well it seems like an easy video, easy clicks, watches and easy drama then, isn't it?

Barreled Squid: There decision to play in Europe, right so the teams which ahve 90% EU players or all EU players are choosing to play in the region they live? Right Yep that makes sense. yep they totally made that choice and didn't just stick to the format which is supposed to be you play in the region where most of your players are from

Carthago Delenda Est: I think he has a point with the 7th to 8th best teams in a region being demoted. The two best teams in T2 league should play a sort of qualifier vs the two weakest teams of the T1 league for the T1 slots, it shouldn’t just ”happen”.

HEAVYTOOLHAN: Heen got destroyed in this debate

Reven: I also don't understand the tunnel vision people have for the money, I appreciate the exposure and competitive environment that these leagues will provide more than anything

Toddy Infinite: Leet video

Dtzy Dtzy: Fine line between edgy and privileged asshole.

w ss: Herb brings up good points,... it’s not his job to fix valves system... Meanwhile valve structures year long dpc events based on reddit posts. Prediction: this system will tank hard, people will complain on reddit, and valve will revert the next year. Just like outposts lol

Andrew Matsis: so tired of EU crying for more spots, more money, more what ever. We get it you have the most talent in your region and the strongest teams, fans from China, NA, SEA, CIS would also like to see there teams play and compete, i dont want to see a tournament with 8 / 12 teams from EU, even if the quality of teams is a bit lower i would still like to see competition from all the regions and the different styles they can bring.

SilentxD ᴴᴰ: All teams plans going to waste Get right to work after ti bechesz


mad: peter 'politics' dagger

Dle: actually one dislike from heen LUL

Paradox D2: 1 dislike from Heen :)

An Innocent Eight-Tentacled Sea Creature: Nah mate, production matters and most of us WON'T be happy if we just watch back2back games. Also nobody likes teams skipping events. Secret and OG can royally fek off.

Sean Agapito: "They just like to sit around and just don't do anything. They just like to critique and nitpick and just, not contribute anything!" - pretty much most of reddit users

Belial: contributing to make this viral for ppd

Rizpol: Hmmm

Mua Rocket 1h tại website chính thức Mua

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